From Fearful to Fearless:

Helping Children to Overcome Anxiety


From Fearful to Fearless is an innovative and engaging online programme that not only shows your child exactly how to manage and overcome their anxiety, but also teaches you exactly how to support them on their journey to becoming carefree and more confident.

It's a comprehensive 8 week course with leading child therapist, Frances Weston, and shares video content for parents and children.

Packed with super useful information on all aspects of anxiety, this course maps out a proven process to help your child overcome anxiety, feel happy and confident, and be able to live their life to the full. 

Featuring our very own therapy dog, Bertha, and some friendly animal puppets, the children's videos are accessible, fun and engaging.


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Forthcoming Courses 

An online course to help children cope with separation and divorce

An online course to help children cope with the grief of losing someone they love

A mini-workshop to help children learn to manage their anger, and express it appropriately

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