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Boost Your Child's Happiness:

Instant actionable tips for nurturing children when they are stressed, anxious or overwhelmed

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 Download our free guide!

Boost Your Child's Happiness:

Instant actionable tips for nurturing children when they are stressed, anxious or overwhelmed

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Is your child struggling with life at the moment?

Are they trying to cope with big feelings like grief, anxiety or anger?

Perhaps they have experienced:
  • a heartbreaking bereavement
  • the breakup of their parents’ relationship 
  • some other kind of traumatic event
Or they are struggling with:
  • anxiety that is interfering with their life
  • being bullied
  • having angry outbursts that they can’t seem to control
  • making or keeping friends
  • low self-esteem
  • sadness or depression
  • illness, or the illness of someone close to them
  • nightmares or other sleep problems
  • appetite or eating problems
  • fears or phobias
  • the pressure of schoolwork, or school refusal
  • lack of confidence


Or things might seem ok on the surface, but you are concerned about how your child is coping generally with the pressure and challenges of modern life and you're looking for support to help you ensure they don't develop mental health problems in the future. 
With increasing numbers of children and young people affected by stress, anxiety, and low self-esteem we as parents can feel at our wits end with worry, and not know how best to help, or where to turn for support.


Whether your child needs help now, or you are seeking preventative help to ensure they stay emotionally well, you are in the right place to ensure they have a brighter future!

Hello, I’m Frances

and I can help  .  .  .


Having worked as a child therapist for almost 30 years, and I've helped hundreds of children and their parents through all kinds of challenging situations in that time.

Brighter Futures for Kids is the online arm of my practice, Brighter Futures Personal Growth, and was created to offer a range of digital products to enable me to reach and help more children and young people - and their parents - in addition to those I work with in person.

Click on the boxes below for details of our comprehensive range of online courses for parents and children to work through together, and also for details of our fabulous membership community to support busy parents everywhere!

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Boost Your Child's Happiness

This 14 page guide contains lots of  actionable tips and advice to help you help your child cope if they are struggling with big feelings like anxiety, anger or sadness


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online courses

Online therapeutic courses you study with your child, offering targeted help with specific issues such as:-

  • Anxiety
  • Separation and Divorce
  • Bereavement

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A mini-workshop for children and young people on:

 Managing anger
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Membership community

An online membership with like minded parents where you will find tons of support and advice to help you improve your child's emotional wellbeing and resilience.




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