Helping Children Cope With Change: Part Five - Parents New Partner

Dec 09, 2021
Graphic of a mum introducing her new partner to her son who is not happy
Knowing how and when to introduce your child to a new partner - either yours or your ex-partner's - can be very challenging.  Most children aren't very keen on meeting a new partner - especially if it is not long after their parents' separation as can sometimes be the case. It can shatter the dream that most children have that their parents might reconcile, and the new partner is often not welcome in your child's life.
In the case that their other parent has died, a child can often see your new partner as trying to replace their deceased parent and this can cause feelings of resentment and trigger new waves of grief. 
Remember, just because you love your new partner, doesn't mean that your child will! They often feel jealous and pushed out, and may worry that you don't want them around any more. 
So its really important to handle this situation as sensitively as possible to ensure a child's feelings are heard and respected, and make it more likely that the child and their potential step-parent are able to gradually build a positive relationship.
In today's video I share some tips about ways to introduce a new partner that are mindful of a child's feelings.  I hope you find it helpful.
Warmest wishes

Frances x

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