Are Your Concerns About Your Child's Mental Health Affecting Your Own Wellbeing?

Jun 21, 2024
Picture of a young woman looking stressed and upset

With so many parents worrying about their children's mental health at the moment, I wanted to revisit a post from the archive all about the importance of looking after yourself too, as it's all too easy to end up feeling stressed and anxious yourself. So here it is . . . 

Do you feel it's selfish to care for yourself when a child you love is struggling with big feelings? Today I want to bust that myth and share why taking care of yourself is crucially important and not selfish at all!  

Its natural for you to be worried and stressed if you're child is struggling, but try not to let this sap your energy and vitality, or cause you to neglect yourself. It's essential for you to stay emotionally and physically well, and try and have some fun sometimes,  in order to keep caring for and supporting your child - especially when they are going through a difficult time.

You can find out more by clicking on the video below.

Warmest wishes

Frances x

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