Children and Change: When a Loved One Is Ill

Feb 09, 2024
Child visiting sick woman in hospital
Welcome to the third installment of our mini-series focusing on aiding children in navigating through times of change in their lives. This post delves into the delicate topic of how to support your child when someone they love falls ill.
It's crucial to ensure that they comprehend what's happening, and feel included to the extent possible and appropriate given the circumstances and their age.
While we hope for the best and a full recovery for the person your child cares for, in case the illness is terminal, you may like to also see the post dated April 29th 2022 entitled 'Helping Your Child Cope and Prepare When Someone They Love is Dying'.
I trust that this today's video provides you with valuable insights that you can apply in supporting your child if someone they love is ill.
Warmest wishes

Frances x

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