Diet and Mental Health - Part 3 - Is Your Child Using Food to Avoid Difficult Feelings?

Mar 22, 2024
sad girl comforting herself with food

In the concluding part of this three-part series on the intricate link between food and mood from the blog archive, I aim to shift our focus towards how our emotional state can sometimes dictate our food choices, rather than the other way around, as discussed in the preceding instalments.

Emotional or comfort eating occurs when we seek solace in food to alleviate feelings of stress, sadness, or anger, rather than addressing genuine hunger. While it may offer temporary relief, this habit fails to address the root causes of our emotional turmoil and often exacerbates our negative emotions over time.

This is a behaviour we certainly don't want our children to adopt. In today's video, I delve into strategies for identifying if your child is resorting to emotional eating. Additionally, I explore common triggers for this behaviour and offer practical approaches to combat it.

I trust you'll find these insights valuable.

Warmest wishes

Frances x

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