Help . . . my children won't stop fighting!

Jul 29, 2022
brother and sister shouting at each other

Now that the summer holidays have started, I know many parents are struggling to cope with their children squabbling and fighting; it often feels like they do this all day and every day, and any thoughts of how nice it was going to be to spend more time with the children seem to have evaporated as reality sets in!

In this week's video I answer a question sent in by a parent on this issue, asking how to help their children get along better. It's a big subject, so I will continue exploring it next week too. 

Today I'm exploring 3 key ways you can help your children manage the big feelings that come up for them in their relationships with their siblings, and the more you practice these the more you will notice things calming down between them.  A little time now will pay dividends in the future, I promise.

Warmest wishes

Frances x


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