Helping Your Teen Cope When Exam Results Are Disappointing

Aug 19, 2022
Teenage boys consoles friend over poor exam result

Here in the UK, teenagers across the country have already received their A level results or are about to receive their GCSE results.  No matter where in the world your teen is, it can be a tense time waiting for important exam results and then incredibly stressful when the grades are not as good as your teen was hoping they would be.

Feelings like disappointment, anger, shame, embarrassment, regret and jealousy can be a common, and normal response for a young person,  and you will likely also experience a range of powerful emotions yourself.

In this week's video I share some tips to help you help your teen cope with this distressing situation, and keep their self-esteem high  so they can move forward positively.

Warmest wishes

Frances x


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