How Goal-Setting Helps Children

Jan 13, 2024
Boy looking happy as he achieves his goal

Have you ever set a goal for yourself - personal or professional - and experienced the wonderful sense of satisfaction you feel when you have achieved it?

It’s such a great feeling to know we have achieved something we set our mind to, no matter how large or small it is.  

I'm a great believer in helping children to set and achieve goals so they get to experience this feeling too, on a regular basis.  

Its great for fostering self-esteem,  as well as hope for the future and a sense of purpose.

So in this week's video, which I made a couple of years ago, I talk all about how to help children set and achieve goals, as a way to improve their emotional wellbeing.

And even when we don't manage to achieve a goal, there is still so much we can learn to improve our performance ready to try again, so it's still a valuable life lesson. 

While success is important, it’s also important that children grow and learn about themselves through the process of working towards something, regardless of the outcome.  

To find out more about the benefits, and how to help your child set goals,  click on the video below.

Warmest wishes

Frances x 

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