Protecting Your Child Online: Combatting Cyberbullying

Apr 26, 2024
Girl looking upset at something she has seen on her computer - cyberbullying

Welcome to the concluding segment of our 4-part series focusing on bullying.

Throughout this series, we've delved into various aspects of bullying, including identifying signs that indicate a child is being bullied, understanding the impact of bullying on children and young individuals, and strategies parents can employ to support their children.

In today's video, we'll be addressing the pressing issue of cyberbullying. I'll provide insights into how you can assist your child in navigating and coping with this modern form of bullying.

I trust that you've found this series to be informative and beneficial. As always, if you believe this content could be of help to others, I'd greatly appreciate it if you shared the blog with your friends. Thank you for your support!

Warmest wishes

Frances x



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