Rising Mental Health Concerns in Children and Young People: Is Their Life More Stressful Now?

Feb 24, 2023
Image of boy looking overwhelmed by stressful thoughts


Welcome to Part 7 of my mini-series exploring possible causes for the sharp increase of children and teenagers experiencing mental health concerns. 

In this week's video I pose the question: is life more stressful for children and young people now than it's ever been? 

It's difficult to make a definitive statement on this because, of course, stress can be influenced by various factors such as culture, socioeconomic status, and individual circumstances. 

However, some studies suggest that children and young people today may collectively be experiencing more stress than previous generations due to some unique challenges of our time.  For example, the COVID-19 pandemic added a new layer of stress and uncertainty to their lives, disrupting their daily routines, social connections, and educational experiences. 

Interestingly, a 2018 survey by the American Psychological Association found that adolescents reported higher levels of stress than adults. 

To find out more about the kinds of issues that may be affecting children and young people at the moment, just click on the box below.  

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