What To Do If Your Child Is Being Bullied

Apr 19, 2024
Child looking upset while children laugh at her - bullying

In my private practice, I often encounter children and adolescents who have been subjected to bullying - an experience that can be profoundly distressing not only for them but also for their parents. Parents frequently find themselves in a quandary, uncertain about the best course of action.

Should we intervene and seek external assistance even if our child insists otherwise? Is it appropriate to directly address the bully and their parents? Or should we maintain a hands-off approach and allow our child to handle the situation independently?

Dealing with our child's experience of bullying can evoke intense emotions in us as parents. Feelings of helplessness and anger may surface, particularly if we have our own history of being bullied and continue to grapple with its lasting effects.

In today's video, I'll be sharing some practical tips and guidance on how to effectively support your child during this challenging time, offering strategies to help them navigate and overcome this distressing experience.

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Frances x

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