Helping Children Cope With Change: Part Two - A New Sibling

Nov 12, 2021
Child looks at new baby sibling uncertainly
Welcome to the second blog in this mini-series on helping children cope with change; this one is all about new siblings. 
The arrival of a new sibling - whether its a new baby, a step-sibling/s or an adopted sibling joining the family - can bring up a range of feelings that may affect your child's behaviour.
Alongside the good ones, like happiness and excitement, there can also be more difficult ones for children to manage like jealousy, anger, anxiety and sadness. 
In today's video I share some tips to help you prevent some of these difficult feelings arising in the first (or making them less likely) and also help your child cope with them when they do come up.
I hope it's helpful.
Warmest wishes

Frances x


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