Are You Worried That Your Partner's Anxiety May Be Affecting Your Child?

Feb 04, 2022
Sad child with anxious Dad in background

If your partner suffers from anxiety, you may be concerned that it may be influencing your child in a negative way. Perhaps you have noticed your child picking up or modelling some of your partner's anxious thoughts or behaviours. Or perhaps your partner's anxiety is preventing your child from being able to join in activities that you think would be good for them.

If you are able to talk to them about it and agree a plan of action that helps them and your child, that's brilliant. But if not, it can be really challenging to know what to do.

In today’s video I share: 

☑️ how anxiety can sometimes be transferred from parent to child

☑️ what to do if your partner doesn’t think there’s a problem, or won’t do anything about it

☑️ how to minimise the effects on your child

Warmest wishes

Frances x 

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