Building Your Child's Self Esteem - Part Two

May 27, 2022
Father and son holding eye contact and smiling

Have you ever had the experience of trying to talk to someone and realising they aren't really listening to you, or perhaps they are telling you that you shouldn't feel the way you do about something? It's very frustrating, and certainly doesn't make us feel valued or understood! It can also have a negative impact on our self-esteem.

No matter how well-meaning we are as parents, we are all only human and sometimes can fall into the trap of half-listening to our child or trying to talk them out of a negative feeling - especially when we are tired or busy.

So in this week's video (which is the second part of our mini-series all about boosting a child's self-esteem) I share some ways to practice what's known as 'active' listening, and also how to validate your child's feelings when they share them with you, so that you don't fall into this trap!

Warmest wishes

Frances x 


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