Building Your Child's Self Esteem - Part Four

Jun 10, 2022
African father looking proud and happy as his daughter takes cakes from the oven
Welcome to the 4th and final part of this mini-series on helping boost your child's self esteem.

Even if you are unlucky enough to have, or have had, a parent who has been abusive to you, or who's values and beliefs are unacceptable to you, it is highly likely that you will have wanted them to approve of you and love you when you were a child, and perhaps you still do.

Our need for approval from our parents or caregivers is a very basic human one; if we feel loved and cared for it helps us to form secure attachments and feel good about ourselves, not only when we are little but as we grow into adults too.

So in this week's video, I am exploring this subject of parental approval for children, and I'm also sharing one final tip you can use to try and boost your child's self esteem. 

I really hope you have found the series interesting, and its given you some ideas you can use with your child. 

Warmest wishes

Frances x

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