Children and Change: Moving House

Jan 26, 2024
Girl looking sad during house move
Welcome to this week's blog and video. 
Life involves many changes doesn't it? Some are good ones, and some less welcome. Change can be unsettling for a while - even good change - especially for children who are anxious or highly sensitive. 
So over the next few weeks, we are going to be revisiting a mini-series I made a couple of years ago on the subject of helping children manage change and transitions. 
In future videos I will address other changes like starting a new school, having a new sibling in the family, coping with parents separating, introducing a new partner and coping when a family member is ill.  
But today's video, the first in the mini-series, is all about moving house and ways to make it easier for your child. You can watch by clicking below . . . I hope you find it helpful. 
Warmest wishes

Frances x

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