Diet and Mental Health - Part 1 - How Your Child's Diet Affects Their Mental Health

Mar 08, 2024
A selection of ultra processed foods

With so much in the news recently about the negative impact ultra processed foods (UPF's) cause to our health, including our mental health, now seems a good time to revisit a 3-part series I made back in May 2021, all about the connection between our mood and the food we eat.

There's a wealth of documented evidence now available to show the connection between diet and emotional wellbeing, and it clearly indicates the impact poor diet can have on issues like anxiety, depression, anger and concentration.

Children are arguably more at risk than adults in some ways, because their bodies are still forming and growing and they are often exposed to more UPF's than adults.

In today's video I explore the evidence in more detail to see exactly what your child should and shouldn't be eating for optimal mental health, and to help them cope more easily with big feelings.

Warmest wishes

Frances x


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