The Food Mood Connection - Part 2 - What foods can help improve your child’s mental health?

May 26, 2021
Box of colourful fruits and vegetables

Welcome to the second post of this 3-part mini series on the issue of the connection between your child's diet and their mental health.

In today's video I share information on the best foods your child can eat and include:

  • the top 3 nutrients essential for positive mental health
  • tips for introducing healthier foods into your child's diet
  • a simple recipe for a healthy, sweet snack for your family (see below)
  • why a healthy diet doesn't have to be expensive

I'll be back again tomorrow looking at the issue of comfort eating and what to do if you think your child is using food to avoid their big feelings.

Warmest wishes

Frances x

Here's the recipe:


 If you have any healthy recipes your child enjoys do share them in the comments won't you!

Warmest wishes

Frances x


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