Is My Child Anxious or Just Behaving Badly?

Jul 15, 2022
Boy looking upset
This is a question I get asked so often by parents! It can be hard to tell whether your child is struggling with a big feeling - particularly anxiety - or if their challenging behaviour is simply down to naughtiness.
In this week's video I explore this subject in detail, and share:
✅ Why children sometimes express their feelings through their behaviour
✅ Why it's easy for the adults around your child to think they are just being naughty or badly behaved
✅When their behaviour IS being caused by a big feeling like anxiety
✅How to tell the difference
✅ What to do to help your child recognise and learn to release it safely
I hope you find it helpful.
Warmest wishes
Frances x

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Is My Child Anxious or Just Behaving Badly?

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