Is Your Child Being Bullied? How to Spot the Signs

Mar 29, 2024
Girl holding up a piece of paper which reads I am being bullied

Bullying can inflict lasting harm on a child, affecting not only their present but potentially their future as well.

When a child becomes the target of a bully, it can stir up a whirlwind of overwhelming emotions. They may grapple with fear, anxiety, and sometimes even feelings of shame or embarrassment. Without adequate support, bullied children can see their self-confidence dwindle and may contend with enduring anxiety or depression.

In this week's video, the first in a comprehensive 4-part series addressing bullying, I delve into the unmistakable signs that a child may be enduring bullying. Equipping yourself with this knowledge will empower you to recognise these indicators and take decisive action.

Subsequent videos in the series will explore the repercussions of bullying and offer guidance on how you can support your child through this challenging ordeal.

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