The Effects Of Diet On Mental Health

May 06, 2022
Image of a spoon loaded with unhealthy food and a child with open mouth about to eat it all

According to a recent study carried out in the UK, the diets of British teenagers are 'unhealthy and unsustainable'. This is pretty damming and concerning! 

There is a wealth of documented evidence now available to show the connection between diet and emotional (as well as physical) wellbeing.  This evidence clearly indicates that a diet containing high quantities of sugar, trans fats, white flour products (bread, pasta, cakes etc) and lacking in wholegrain, fresh fruit and vegetables and other nutrient dense food, has a hugely negative impact on emotional wellbeing and causes anger, anxiety and depression to take hold of precious young minds.   
In this week's video I explore some of the findings of the recent study, and also share details of videos from the blog archives all about the connection between food and mood.    
I hope you find it interesting. 


Frances x 


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