Bullying - Part 3 - How To Help If Your Child is Being Bullied

Jun 17, 2021
Child looking upset while children laugh at her - bullying

I see a lot of children and young people in my private practice who have experienced bullying and I know how upsetting it can be -  not only for them, but also for their parents  who feel conflicted about what to do.  

Do we step in and involve others even if our child tells us not too? Do we confront the bully and/or their parents? Or do we keep out of it and let our child sort it out?

When our child is going through this we can experience really big feelings too! For example, it can bring up feelings of helplessness and rage in parents, especially if they were bullied as children and may still be suffering the affects. 

So in today's video I'm sharing some tips and advice about the best ways you can support your child, and help them get through this distressing experience.

Warmest wishes

Frances x

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