Children's Grief Awareness Week 2022

Nov 25, 2022
Children's Grief Awareness Week graphic

Children’s Grief Awareness Week has just come to an end in the UK as I write this.

It was  initiated by Grief Encounter and the Childhood Bereavement Network in 2015, as a way to recognise and raise awareness of the bereavement experiences of children and young people.

Aligned with International Children’s Grief Awareness Day, which is always the Thursday before Thanksgiving in the United States, Children’s Grief Awareness Week is a chance for the United Kingdom to be more mindful and aware of the impact bereavement can have on children and young people. 

So today, in support of Grief Awareness Week, I wanted to reach out and share the resources we have created here at Brighter Futures for Kids, to help children who have lost someone they love.

I have covered the subject of childhood bereavement several times since I started my weekly videos. Here are the links in case you missed them:

Is It Right for Children to go to Funerals?

Helping Your Child Grieve for a Family Member They Never Knew

Helping Your Child Cope and Prepare When Someone They Love is Dying

My Recommend Resources to Help Bereaved Children and Young People

How to Help A Child Or Young Person Who is Grieving

The Impact of Bereavement on Teenagers

The Impact of Bereavement on Young Children

How Bereavement Affects Children

Helping Your Child Cope With Worries About Death and Dying

Breaking Bad News to a Child



I hope you find these videos helpful.

Warmest wishes

Frances x

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In this workshop I teach you how to develop and increase your child's emotional intelligence, and share downloadable resources for you to use with your child at home. Click here to find out more

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