Has Your Child's Anxiety Been Caused, or Made Worse by, a Bereavement?

Apr 14, 2023
Father hugging sad son

This week I have been contacted by a Dad who recently joined our mailing list, as he had requested our free audio series for parents of anxious children.

He thinks his young son's anxiety started after the death of his much-loved Grandma, and wondered if I could offer any advice on helping him cope with bereavement.

Here at Brighter Futures for Kids we help children cope with a wide range of difficult feelings and emotionally challenging situations, including bereavement. You can see my response by clicking the video below.

Next week I am starting another mini-series, based on the most common questions parents of anxious children ask.  In the meantime, if you have an anxious child, you might like too have a look at some videos I have made on anxiety in the past, from the blog archive: 

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Finally, here are the resources I mention in this week's video: 


How Bereavement Affects Children

The Impact of Bereavement on Young Children 

The Impact of Bereavement On Teenagers

How To Help A Child Or Young Person Who Is Grieving

My Recommended Resources to Help Bereaved Children and Young People

Helping Your Child Cope and Prepare When Someone They Love is Dying


 Wamest wishes

Frances x


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